I watch a lot of HGTV home improvement shows (my guilty pleasure). As a result, I’m constantly looking for ways to brighten up the house and dreaming of the day I own my very own house to beautify! And next on my spruce-up list: replace the old brass hardware in my house. Why would I want to keep the builder-grade materials when it’s so fun and easy to upgrade them with beautiful bronze? And, since my mom already loves this oil-rubbed bronze look, all the decor in the house matches this metal already.

So we ordered a bunch of handles and hinges (thank you, Lowe’s!) and got to work!

DIY handles 17
Laying out our supplies
DIY handles 16
Taking off the ugly brass. Handles are confusing!

DIY handles 13
DIY handles 10
At first we thought we’d have to take the doors off the wall to change the hinges, but then we started thinking outside the box and…
DIY handles 9
We discovered if we change one hinge at a time, we can leave the door on the wall! Now it’s a one-person job. Yay for innovation!
DIY handles 7
Before and after. Wow.
DIY handles 5
The hinges add so much. This door no longer looks cheap, it looks classy.
DIY handles 1
Jessie, my Aussie, cheering me on through the windows. Only one side of the French doors has been replaced so you can see the contrasting effect!

DIY projects are satisfying to the soul. There’s something magical about putting in some hard thought and elbow grease and figuring out a project yourself. And now, we get to enjoy a beautified home!

I encourage you to try your own home improvement projects! Just pay attention to how you take it apart so you can put it back together again 🙂

Good luck! Share your successes!

“If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home.” ~Malala Yousafzai