I recently bought a beautiful Framus guitar and started learning to play. This little firecracker cost me $65 at a pawn shop and the case was only $15! It has one surface crack, but it has the Dad Seal of Approval (and he’s a very talented musician, so his is a valued opinion). It has a clear sound and it’s a little bit smaller than a normal-sized guitar, so it fits my hands and my lap nicely 🙂

I decided a set of new strings might improve the sound quality and playing experience, so I recruited my dad to teach me how.

Here’s everything you need to restring a guitar: 

the guitar (duh), the strings, pliers/cutters, and a string winder (optional). This just makes the process go faster and saves some elbow grease!

A detailed look at the strings package:

I like Light or Extra Light strings because of the bright tone and because I’m still a beginner, so they are easier to play. Phosphor Bronze strings are known for their quality of sound and long-lasting strings. This package was a great find!

The decimal numbers refer to the thickness of strings in inches, and this determines “Light” or “Extra Light”, etc. Now you know 🙂

Cutting off the old strings–feels so wrong 😦

Restringing involves removing the old strings and threading the new ones in. Then you have to twist the tuning pegs to tighten the strings to the right tension and then tune it up. Here are the funny little nubs the wire makes when you fold it over!

All done! Phosphor bronze strings are so pretty, and they sound absolutely WONDERFUL. 

Learning to care for an instrument is part of the joys of ownership, and now I know how to restring my own guitar. At first it was confusing, and I had to start over several times, but persistence pays off and now I have awesome strings. I can’t wait to pursue my guitar-playing dreams with this beauty!

Feel free to share your musical passions, I’d love to hear them!

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~Berthold Auerbach