-How do you feel about the color red?

Actually, it has a lot of significance to me. When I was a kid, I discovered that my July birthday corresponded with the ruby gemstone and I became obsessed with rubies and the color red. My aunt gave me these beautiful ruby earrings for Christmas once and I swear I didn’t take them off for an entire year.

I was also very curious about religion at that age. My family wasn’t religious, but we had lots of books about different religions including a children’s bible, Greek mythology and Norse gods. I loved reading stories, so naturally I wanted to read all the tales, myths and legends that I could find.

I was also a superstitious child: I believed in the wish chip phenomenon. If you find a chip that is folded over so far it touches itself, you get to make a wish. And somehow, the concepts of religion and superstition blended together in my mind into one entity. In a way, I created my own sort of “god” that I believed my fate was controlled by. Her name was Courage, and she was represented by the color red.

Whenever I needed comforting or help with life, I would call on Courage to give me strength, which I now realize had a twofold meaning. One of my biggest dilemmas those days was that my two best friends, who were very possessive, each wanted me to themselves. So I would ask Courage to help me out with them. And what do you know–we grew up and the problems stopped. So maybe Courage really did lend me her strength 🙂

How do you feel about the color red? Got any crazy superstition stories? Please share!