One thing you may not know about me yet is… I love to knit!

Over the past few years, I have made: 2 scarves, a pair of gloves, 2 hats, a man’s sweater, one sock, several snowflake decorations, and about 12 headbands. And a beautiful sweater for myself!

Currently, my in-progress projects are: a large blanket, a green cardigan, and the 2nd sock to the pair mentioned above. 

I don’t like to follow patterns; I like to read through many to get inspiration and then combine the best parts of several patterns to make my own! This leads to frequent mistakes, sometimes frustration, and always unwritten and forgotten patterns 😦

Here’s my latest creation: Adorable Animal Hand Warmers. These cute kitty ones are for my sister, but I foresee many more of them in the future! I found lots of charts for animal patterns on Pinterest. Who knew you could use needlepoint charts for knitting?

P.S. My dog think’s he’s the star of every picture

I had a little trouble with the thumbs, since I basically made up my own system of increases. I used M1L and M1R stitch increasing to create a lacy-like pattern on the ridge of the thumbs, but since I did not knit in the round, I ran into a little trouble binding off. The first glove had wayyy too large of a thumbhole, and the second had a loose flap that had to be sewn down. But you can’t tell now, can ya? 😉

Any crafters or knitters out there? Share your favorite projects!