Please excuse my lovely cursive; I’ve been practicing but unfortunately I was way better in fourth grade 😦 

I used this as my senior quote because I think it sends an important message about the way we view the world and the importance of our perspective. It reminds me of the self-fulfilling prophecy phenomenon in psychology: if you believe something will happen a certain way, your thoughts (and therefore your actions) will adjust to expect that outcome, making it more possible than before. So if you’re using the self-fulfilling prophecy in a good way, like believing in your ability to pass a test, wonderful! But if you set in your thoughts that someone is mad at you, you will begin to treat them as if they are mad, which will probably make them mad.

 Don’t make people mad for no reason. Take control of your life, emotions and world. You can make your life positive if you are willing to shift your perspective! And by being that positive person who is always believing in others and helping them to realize their own potential, you can better the lives of others, too.