I stumbled across an article describing how to press flowers the other day, and I thought it looked beautiful and fun. So of course, I tried it!

Here are the flowers I collected. Mostly they are weeds and wildflowers picked from the trail behind my house around sunset. It’s best to pick when the flowers won’t be wet and the thicker the flower, the longer it will take to dry. The yellow ones are from a giant bush in my backyard.

My huge book for flower-squashing…
And my strange method for heating/drying. Microwave zap!
My workspace
The lovely framed pieces, accompanied by quotes (of course)

This was one of the easiest projects ever. Actually, the hardest part was finding a good glue. And I would recommend… normal, cheap, Elmer’s white glue! It’s runny enough to be spread, but strong enough for flowers and fast-drying. Craft glues and super glue were just bad ideas.

My first arrangement was sort of bad, but each one progressively got better and better. I’d encourage anyone to try this fun and simple project!