Why do I blog?

A couple days ago, I fell into a self-doubting rut. Why bother posting my personal thoughts/achievements/projects online? Who’s going to see them? Who’s going to care?

It doesn’t matter. It’s not for you all (although I really appreciate your attention!). It’s for me, so I can begin to get comfortable with showing my stuff to the world. Polished, unfinished, perfect, shitty, I can share it here and be relatively judge-free! Or can I…?

The truth is, people are judgmental. And anyone who is creative at all has to get used to it. There will be people who hate your stuff, but there will also be people who love it. We just have to practice taking rejection in a courteous and polite way, knowing that it will only fuel our motivations. As much as we all want to get published, or go big-time, or be noticed, it doesn’t really matter. It’s nice to make money and have fame, but if it makes you happy and you truly believe in whatever you’re putting out into the world, then you’re doing the right thing. 

So, I blog because I’m working on my writing skills. I like to write my thoughts and reflections, and instead of keeping them locked away in my journal, I’ve decided to share them. Maybe they will help someone else, or someone can relate to me. That’s the ultimate goal.

I’m also a growing person who is trying to “find herself” and it’s a little scary sometimes, and I’ve found that writing keeps me grounded. If I let the scary thoughts build up in my head, they’ll talk me out of my passions. But if I write them down and shed some light on them, those monstrous demons look like harmless little bunnies and they run away from my capable and powerful blade of a mind.

And finally, I think it’s good for me. The constant worry of, “Oh, what will I post today?” keeps me doing things and writing. This is obviously not a good primary motivator, but sometimes it can be the little push I need to get up off the couch and start doing instead of dreaming or wishing. It shows me I’m not as far as I think from my dreams. My life has already started, and there are things I can actively do each day to advance my future career and better my mind. I’m a good writer because I write a lot and dammit, I said so.

I blog because I want to. It’s fun. It’s engaging and challenging and lets me be creative and myself.

Blogging is just another one of my passions in bloom 🙂