We can’t control the circumstances under which we meet people.

We all have the picture-perfect life planned out in our heads. The house, the city, the family, the job, the money… But we know it won’t happen exactly like this. So why do we bother having these impossible ideals?

Because it makes us feel better about our uncertain future. It makes us think we have some lingering bit of control over what will become of our existence. But the truth is, our lives are shaped by the people around us and how we interact with them. As much as we think we have power over how our lives turn out, it’s heavily influenced by those around us.

Sometimes it’s an inconvenient time in our life to meet somebody. Sometimes we are convinced that kind of person never would be a good match with our personality. We never know who could be the person to heal us, fix us, love us, warm us, so we have to be open and kind and accepting.

It doesn’t matter if a particular person isn’t what you’d expected, or hoped for, or imagined. What matters is they are here, now, and so are you. Either you have a relationship or you don’t. And that makes all the difference.