I just got my first adult job, and I couldn’t be more proud.

What I mean by “adult job” is that I applied, competed with other people, and eventually won out. I did not know my employers prior to the interview, I had no previous connections, and now I’ll have to start thinking about things like paying taxes :O

I work for an interior design office who deals with a lot of high-end commercial and residential clients. I’m like the little worker bee in the office: they like to get out binders and swatches and toss them all over the place and once they’re done, they go to the bin where I put everything away. If someone needs to make an inconsequential phone call, it’s my job. Recycling corner is full? I make a trip out to the bins. It’s actually really satisfying, because my entire purpose is to enable others to use their time more efficiently.

And, of course, I get paid 🙂

I know this is not a career for me. I feel out of place in their world, and I do not aspire to fit into it. I am happy with this low-level job because it fits my interests well to spend my time helping others do their jobs better.

Because that is my ultimate goal in my career. Being an editor or a publisher will allow me to help people make their work better and get it published. And with this busy-bee job, I am one step closer!