I have survived Week 1 of classes!

I can’t think of one way that I could be more content with my life right now. I am insanely busy, much busier than I’m used to, but I’m adjusting just fine and I kind of like it. I don’t have much time to actually waste at this point, which is great for my productivity. And I’m never bored anymore.

Normally there is one thing I would like to improve in my life, whether it be my social life, my academic effort, my work, my sleep habits, or my pursuits, but right now I am happy with all of them. I have resorted to finding fault in minor things that don’t matter, like how my PE class is a group exercise class instead of individual workout time. Who cares, really? The one thing that worries me is balancing my schedule and my people and not going crazy. This is new territory for me, so I’m bound to make some mistakes. But I need to make sure to keep up with my commitments and continue to be there for the people that I care about at the same time.

As of now, my future may be even more unknown than before. My classes are all so interesting to me, and as a result I’m trying to think up a career that incorporates creative writing, literary studies, anthropology, religions studies, and french. The only thing that comes to mind is a traveling magazine writer who studies French people and their behaviors, while engaging in deep conversations of course, and writes about it. Hmm.

But this is a great problem to have. I have never been interested in the world of ologies before, the world of “the study of”. It has never made sense to me how someone can make a living by studying things. And in high school, I never thought I would return again to my beloved French classes. This semester will prove to me why it’s important to take classes I am truly interested in. I knew I would love these classes as soon as I signed up for them.

And even though my future changes slightly with every class I take, I’m excited to get there. I don’t know what’s in store, but I like it that way. I don’t need to know what’s coming for me. There is no way to know, and there is no way to control it except to keep doing our own thing and being ourselves and trying to find that ultimate being that we will someday become.

Hopes for Semester 2:

  • Maintain all As (easier said than done, but I like to set my bar high)
  • Go beyond the base requirements of memorization and actually learn the information
  • Befriend Creative Writing and French professors
  • Make lots of money and keep saving
  • Explore more of North Carolina
  • Try for an internship this summer
  • Find more time for personal reading
  • Write more… duh!
  • Find the right balance of social, academic and sleep (more difficult than it sounds)

What are your goals for the next few months? Or the next semester, if you’re in college? How do you manage your busy schedule?