Ten interesting things about me:

1.I have known for my whole life that I will someday write a book. The subject and genre have yet to be determined.

  1. My thumbs are not the same length.

  2. I have traveled to Costa Rica and Brazil on school trips and many states of the US on family road trips. My next goal is to travel all the Southern states.

  3. I used to collect rocks when I was younger. At first it was just shiny geodes and gems, but then I started picking up seemingly normal rocks from the side of the road or a friend’s yard and saving them. I have a whole box of them in my closet, and I can still name where the most distinctive ones are from.

  4. I was a competitive dancer for thirteen years. Although that part of my life is over now, so much of my character was developed in that studio and I am thankful I had that experience.

  5. I love cats and dogs equally, for different reasons. I love dogs for their unconditional ability to love and accept and be there for their human, but I love cats for their fickleness and sass.

  6. I was born in California, raised in Colorado, and chose to move to North Carolina for college. So I’ve lived on both coasts and in the Midwest. I’m still deciding which one I like best…

  7. I used to feel sick if I didn’t have access to fresh air, like on a long car drive or a stuffy building. Not only do I love being in nature, but I need to be in nature to feel my best.

  8. I am introverted, but I love interacting with people. I feel fulfilled when I can help someone or give them sound advice or just listen to their problems. I am most comfortable in the role of the listener. Now, to find a career where I can use this skill…

  9. I struggle a lot with finding significance in my life. I want to make an impact and do good things for the world. But how can I? Especially at this point in my life, everything can seem mundane and pointless. It can be hard for me to remember that little things make up a good life, and doing the things I want to is the only prerequisite for happiness.

Thanks for reading!