What is a place you would live but have never visited?

I have always had a weird longing to live in a castle in the rolling hills of Ireland or Scotland. I think living amid such old history would be fascinating because American history is much more recent than European history. And let’s be honest, the Medieval time period was awesome. I would probably feel the need to wear big flouncy dresses and do my hair up big and have servants and butlers. Just kidding.

I also would live on a farm in Sweden or Norway and raise sheep and goats. This is a slightly hippie vision of mine because I would produce most of my own food and live naturally and frugally. I would have cats and dogs, taking walks in snowy forests during the winter and frolicking in violet meadows during the summer (think Sound of Music).

I haven’t ever been to Europe, but I’m sure I’d be very happy in either of these settings. And I plan to travel there someday!

Where would you like to live?