Today I have been feeling productive. So naturally, I wasted about 3 hours surfing the Internet looking for writing tips. I found a really cool website through another wonderful blog by a fellow student of mine, Nicole Crucial. It’s called Canva, and I used it to make this cool header. I hate stealing images from Google, but I’m not a regular photographer. Problem solved. Read my blog please. It’s amazing.

It has both free and paid features, so both starving college students and thriving bloggers can customize their usage. I like the bunny a lot. And it’s really easy to use. I made that in about 30 seconds.

I also stumbled upon the webpage for NaNoWriMo summer camp in April, and while a huge part of me wants to do it because I’ve never finished a NaNo month before, I know that April will be one of the craziest months I’ve ever had. I don’t like starting a project without finishing it. But I want to write more.

And I also found an awesome website called How To Write A Book Now. It’s full of pages on character development, plot and story arc, and what makes good writers successful. And it simplifies all the ideas into their basic format and emphasizes the effectiveness of sometimes breaking the rules. Now to read all of it…

So to anyone who reads this blog, I want to thank you, but I also want to thank the Internet. Without you, O infinite Internet, none of us would be sane.