Hey there!

Let’s stop to take a deep breath. The school year is over! As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in about… 2 months 😦

My life got crazier than it ever has before during the last stretch of the semester, but it ended well. I survived. And now it’s summer! Now I finally have time to do all those fun things I don’t normally have time to do. Like catch up on my reading challenge, which is to read 50 books in 2016, but so far I am at 6. You could say I’m a teensy bit behind. I also started knitting a sweater for one of my roommates in November, aaand as you can probably guess, I’m still working on the first side.

But no longer shall I be a procrastinator and a couldn’t-quite-finish-it-er!

I am a busy girl. We’re all busy people with awesome, full lives. We just don’t have time to do everything we want to. But I’ve been letting things that I care about, things that are priorities, fall behind. And that’s not okay. I tell myself excuses and justify why I’m slacking ALL THE TIME. And it ends now.

One of my biggest excuses that I use in my writing is this: I’m a beginner, I can cut myself some slack. I don’t actually know how to write fiction, so I just shouldn’t try. Well, this summer I am finally enrolled in a fiction writing class! So bye-bye excuses, hello progress.

And another thing I will be working on is my eating habits. Living at college is never the healthiest time of someone’s life, especially when there is not a kitchen and pantry readily available (or is that just my excuse…?) But now, thanks to the generosity of another one of my roommates, I am living at a house on the water with a gorgeous kitchen and lots of nutritious food. Time to start good habits for myself!

Here is a picture of a Blueberry Banana Smoothie Bowl I made up yesterday. The recipe is quite simple: throw a handful of spinach in the food processor (I promise you can’t even taste it), then add a few scoops of yogurt, frozen blueberries, and about half a banana. Whip that baby up. Then pour it into a pretty bowl and arrange some nice toppings. Finally, take a picture and post it to Instagram.


So how to keep myself motivated and productive when all I want to do is watch Food Network all day long?

I discovered a little something called a Bullet Journal on Pinterest. Basically, it’s a planner merged with a journal merged with a daily log. And the best part: it involves creativity, unlike most planners, because you set up the whole thing yourself. You start with a blank notebook and fill it with calendars, habit trackers, goal setters, lists, hopes, anything and everything that motivates you. I’m also using it to practice my handwriting skills and to keep track of savings goals for the summer. Here’s a peek at some beautiful journals of the Internet, courtesy of bohoberry.com. And if you’re interested in starting your own, check out the link above. Although these pictures are pretty fabulous, there is no wrong way to do it.


So I’m hoping this keeps me on track this summer. There are so many things I want to get done, and now I actually have the time to do them. All I have to do is manage it well.

I’m not sure what direction my blog is headed, but I want to continue posting tidbits of my daily life and things that make my happy. Bear with me as I discover not only where my thoughts and hopes are headed but also but my life journey. Hopefully someone out there finds it useful!