When I grow up, I want to be Jennifer Garner. She is beautiful in a subtle way and has this air about her that makes me think she is smart. Just look at her.


My obsession with her began when I started watching Alias, a TV show in which she stars as a cute college girl/FBI agent/undercover spy/general badass.
She is a lovely actress who can manage to come off as both feminine and forceful at the same time. I don’t know how she does it. I have always been jealous of how she looks equally beautiful wearing no makeup and pajamas, minimal makeup and a business suit, or red carpet fanciness.

Also, since she’s a spy, she gets to changer her look pretty much every episode. And she still looks beautiful. She’s also in 13 Going On 30, Elektra, and Daredevil.

Now enjoy these adorable pics of her from Alias. And if you’re looking for a good spy show, I would recommend it!

Who do you have a fascination with? Why?