Welcome! I’m Becka, a Colorado girl who moved far away to North Carolina for college. I am currently obsessed with nonfiction, whether it’s photographing the ordinary occurrences of our lives or telling the stories of those around me. I am fascinated by this human condition called life.

Right now, I’m a creative writing student at UNCW interested in books, coffee, home life, nature, knitting, piano, animals, and being happy. I definitely believe in Zodiac signs (Cancer at your service), and I don’t believe in coincidence.

I am the managing editor at the Atlantis Magazine, the creative magazine of UNCW, and I’m an intern at GenZ Publishing, reading books and promoting authors. I also knit for an Etsy shop run by my roommates when I want to hide from the real world.

My goal is to find a meaningful way to share my experiences with the world in the hopes that someone out there can relate. What will my future hold? I have no idea. All I can do is pursue the things I love while picking up the skills I need along the way.

Follow my blog for snippets of my life, photos of ordinary things that catch my eye, writing advice, pictures of knitted things, and book reviews. I’m also practicing writing for magazines, so you may see some feature articles. Thanks for stopping by!


“Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing.” ~Camille Pissarro