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Day 7-Tattoos

What tattoos do you have, and do they have meaning to you?

I currently have one tattoo. It is almost a year old at this point. I dreamed the idea up for a full year before getting it. Many parts of my personality match up with the qualities of a deer, so I knew I wanted to incorporate this majestic animal. Continue reading “Day 7-Tattoos”


My First Tattoo!

I got my first tattoo about 2 weeks ago and I could not be happier with how it turned out! I found a really creative, artistic shop to get it done at and that really paid off. They took a sketch and turned it into a cohesive work of art. I would definitely recommend Glenn’s Tattoo Service in Wilmington, NC and a big thanks to Brian! It’s still a little shiny in this picture because of the Aquaphor, but here’s the general idea 🙂

Review–The Awakening by Kate Chopin

For my history class, I was required to read The Awakening by Kate Chopin. I rented the book and read it grudgingly, expecting nothing amazing. After all, it was assigned by a history teacher. But I was blown away.

Awakening Cover Continue reading “Review–The Awakening by Kate Chopin”

Stepping Out

I have a lot of indecisiveness in my life. I tend to overthink things, and as a result I miss a lot of chances to do things that could potentially be fun/good for me.

But not for long!

I’m working on going with my gut. Yes, this can be dangerous if you always follow the first thought that pops into your brain, so exercise some caution. Don’t do stupid things. But it’s really been helping me to stop thinking and start doing.

For example, my friend invited me to play soccer the other day with a bunch of people I hadn’t met. The last time I played soccer was 2 years ago and I didn’t have the best experience. I liked soccer fine, but I wouldn’t choose to play it. But I wanted to see my friend, so I forced myself to go. I almost backed out for several reasons: it looked like it might rain and I didn’t want to get wet. I didn’t know exactly where they were playing and might not find them. I had to hop a chainlink fence to reach the field and it was hard. But each time I encountered one of these obstacles, I pushed myself to stop thinking and just do. So what happened when I sidestepped all the naysayers inside my own head? Once I finally got to the field, I had a blast.  Continue reading “Stepping Out”

Reminders from Myself

Today, I received an email from myself. 6 months ago, I used a website called to write myself a good luck letter for college, and then I totally forgot about it. Reading through it just now made me really happy. I am confident that I’m making the right decision in my college journey. I know that I can achieve all of the hopes I had earlier this year, and I’m even better equipped now than I was 6 months ago. And I know I will come out the other side more mature, balanced, and knowledgable.

I’d like to share my letter to myself with you all. It gets a little cheesy, but it’s mostly good (hey, I wrote this at midnight!) and there are some bad grammar mistakes. But overall, it conveys a good message about life and being a genuine person. I don’t know how I had the foresight to do this for myself, but I’m glad I did.

Dear Becka,
You’re going to college this week. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Where I am, it’s still 6 months away. I can’t wait to walk on the beaches of Wilmington and meet my new roommates and friends and start my new life, but for me that’s still in the future. For you, it’s your life. I’m so excited 🙂

There’s one thing that’s really important for you to remember. You have to hold on to the things that you love about yourself. I want you to grow up and learn new things and meet new people and change your views, yes, but keep the good parts of yourself. There’s lots of room for improvement, but you’re pretty awesome already. Never think you’re above anyone else, ever. Not based on looks, “intelligence”, salary, or personality. It’s all relative. Please always love reading and writing like I do now. Even if your English major doesn’t work out. Don’t slack off. It’s not what I would do. Don’t be like everyone else. People will love you just how you are right now no matter how well-liked everyone else is. You’ll find your people; just give it time. Look at me. I’m a second semester senior and I’m just feeling comfortable with my friends for real. I want you to keep your wonderful stupidness and curiosity and want for knowledge and desire to achieve and do great things. I have big dreams and I want you to carry them out for me. I will not be around to see you, but I want to live on through you. I don’t want to die out.  Continue reading “Reminders from Myself”

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