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In Tune

Sometimes my head gets clouded with too many worries, and I can’t seem to shake them. I’m normally a very positive person, so I don’t like feeling powerless over negative thoughts. So I’ve tried adopting simple meditation strategies, mindfulness practice, and positive self-affirmations.

The key for me is to do short meditations. When you’re new to it, it can feel silly to just sit on the ground by yourself for ten minutes. What do you even do for that long? I remember thinking to myself right before I started. Continue reading “In Tune”


What Can I Do?

Somehow, I feel responsible for humanity.

When I see someone who is down on their luck, having a bad day, or the victim of unfortunate circumstances, I can’t help but feel personally responsible. It goes beyond sympathy; it feels more like a pain of my own that I have to bear. What should I do to help them? How can I make them feel better? These questions often jump into my mind immediately, but that’s ridiculous most of the time because many people I see on a college campus are complete strangers. So usually I smile and keep to my own business. Because what can I do?

This isn’t a question I can answer. I always feel like there’s something more I should be doing, some part of me that I should be giving to them whether advice, company or something material to help them. I don’t know why my immediate reaction is to think every person deserves help.   Continue reading “What Can I Do?”

Thoughts on Growing Up

Today, I was looking at the Facebook profiles of some people I knew who just graduated college, and it got me thinking about the decisions that come with growing up. We have to decide who we want to be and what we want to do for the rest of our lives! And every decision we do make shuts another door that can never be reopened. But that’s life.

The idea of losing one possible path every time I made a decision used to scare me a lot, but now I embrace it. It’s fun to have no idea where my life is going! But while I do believe I am in control of my life, decisions, and future, I also think that each of us were meant for something specific in this world. It just takes some people a lot longer than others to find it. The universe pushes us towards this calling incessantly until we discover for ourselves that it was meant for us and that we can do good for the world by accepting this “destiny”. So if I pay attention to what my heart wants and what my first instinct says, I know I’ll find my way.

I got chills this morning thinking about my future. There’s so many different ways I can see my life going right now. I’m taking such a wide variety of classes my first semester in college so I don’t rule anything out by accident. And while it’s a little bit scary to have no idea where I’ll be, even in 2 years, I know the real thrill will come when I see doors closing and I’m happy to see them go. When I start to walk down that one path, the one that’s been calling my name since my birth, and I find there’s nothing I’d be happier doing for the rest of my life. And once I get there, it’ll be easy to say, “I knew it all along.” But we all know that’s not true, now is it?

How do you feel when doors close in your life? Do you ever close doors on purpose, with the thought that it will benefit your own future?

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