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Writer’s Week 2015

UNCW’s Creative Writing Department holds an event each year called Writer’s Week. When I heard I would be required to attend at least 2 events, I groaned inwardly. The combination of my class schedule and work schedule do not allow for prolonged periods of free time during the day, and each event was almost 2 hours long. But I eventually found two that fit with my schedule, and I am so happy I went.

The one I went to this morning was really stellar. James Campbell, a nonfiction writer, spoke about nonfiction book craft. Continue reading “Writer’s Week 2015”


What Can I Do?

Somehow, I feel responsible for humanity.

When I see someone who is down on their luck, having a bad day, or the victim of unfortunate circumstances, I can’t help but feel personally responsible. It goes beyond sympathy; it feels more like a pain of my own that I have to bear. What should I do to help them? How can I make them feel better? These questions often jump into my mind immediately, but that’s ridiculous most of the time because many people I see on a college campus are complete strangers. So usually I smile and keep to my own business. Because what can I do?

This isn’t a question I can answer. I always feel like there’s something more I should be doing, some part of me that I should be giving to them whether advice, company or something material to help them. I don’t know why my immediate reaction is to think every person deserves help.   Continue reading “What Can I Do?”

Emotional Truth: It’s Personal

Why is it that when we look back on the events and memories of our lives, each person has their own version of a story?

In my Creative Writing class, we started exploring creative nonfiction as a genre. One question that always arises when talking about creative nonfiction is how much truth is included? Can you invent any details?

Well, telling the truth is important, and that’s the ultimate goal of nonfiction. It actually happened. But many people can experience the same event and remember it different ways, or interpret different things, and that’s normal. That’s part of being human. We call this emotional truth. Continue reading “Emotional Truth: It’s Personal”

My talent is… Learning

I have a burning desire to learn.

I can’t focus on anything else. All my time is spent either pursuing another talent or thinking of other talents I should pursue. I don’t know what spurred this sudden shift, because a few short months ago I had the worst case of senioritis you’d ever see. Maybe it’s the fact that my brain has sat around idly for a while now, or maybe it’s the prospect of college right around the corner. Maybe it’s the thrill of living in a community where everyone is there by choice, for the specific purpose of learning–after all, they’re paying…

Whatever it is, I can’t get enough. Every morning now, instead of mindlessly scrolling through Twitter for 30 mins, I do a crossword puzzle. It takes the same amount of time, but instead I roll out of bed feeling stimulated and awake, and I’m probably getting smarter too 🙂

When I think about the Russian class I signed up for spontaneously, I am beyond electrified. I can’t stop thinking about learning another language and even the possibility of going to Russia someday–and knowing the language. I mean, how awesome!

I want to read every book I can. I love a good poolside romance, but I also love westerns, mystery, horror, classics, and political novels. I want to write every day. I want to learn new words constantly. I want to have time to play music every single day. I want to learn how to embroider, since that would complete my skill set of knitting and crocheting. I want to stay up to date on political and current events so I can actively contribute to intelligent conversation and society. I want to fill every day with things I love because I know there’s no limit.

Now, it’s unrealistic to do EVERY thing, every day. But the desire is there, which means I will do some every day. And that’s enough, especially as my responsibilities grow each year.

I just want to know as much as I can and be as educated as I can. It goes along with living my life to the highest degree and making the most of every chance I have. This is the best time of my life to do this. I have an open road ahead of me, so why not be immersed in everything I possibly can? Who knows what passions I’ll discover that I never knew were hidden?

And maybe, I’ll turn one of these passions into something that I CAN do every day–and get paid to do it 🙂

Why I Blog

Why do I blog?

A couple days ago, I fell into a self-doubting rut. Why bother posting my personal thoughts/achievements/projects online? Who’s going to see them? Who’s going to care?

It doesn’t matter. It’s not for you all (although I really appreciate your attention!). It’s for me, so I can begin to get comfortable with showing my stuff to the world. Polished, unfinished, perfect, shitty, I can share it here and be relatively judge-free! Or can I…?

The truth is, people are judgmental. And anyone who is creative at all has to get used to it. There will be people who hate your stuff, but there will also be people who love it. We just have to practice taking rejection in a courteous and polite way, knowing that it will only fuel our motivations. As much as we all want to get published, or go big-time, or be noticed, it doesn’t really matter. It’s nice to make money and have fame, but if it makes you happy and you truly believe in whatever you’re putting out into the world, then you’re doing the right thing.  Continue reading “Why I Blog”

Restringing My Guitar

I recently bought a beautiful Framus guitar and started learning to play. This little firecracker cost me $65 at a pawn shop and the case was only $15! It has one surface crack, but it has the Dad Seal of Approval (and he’s a very talented musician, so his is a valued opinion). It has a clear sound and it’s a little bit smaller than a normal-sized guitar, so it fits my hands and my lap nicely 🙂

I decided a set of new strings might improve the sound quality and playing experience, so I recruited my dad to teach me how.

Here’s everything you need to restring a guitar:  Continue reading “Restringing My Guitar”

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