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30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 1

Hello! Once again, I’ve become super busy in a short amount of time after returning to school, and my writing is always the first to suffer when my free time dwindles 😦

I came across a 30 day writing challenge a few months ago and planned to try it for the new year beginning in January to reset my mind for the new year. Continue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 1”


2016–Even More Of Me

And so this year comes to a close.

I’m not one to make resolutions because I don’t think my goals should be based around a yearly calendar. If I’m serious about them then they should be ongoing and motivated by myself, not by the approach of January. But I do like to take this time to reflect on the past year of my life and what’s to come. Continue reading “2016–Even More Of Me”

In Tune

Sometimes my head gets clouded with too many worries, and I can’t seem to shake them. I’m normally a very positive person, so I don’t like feeling powerless over negative thoughts. So I’ve tried adopting simple meditation strategies, mindfulness practice, and positive self-affirmations.

The key for me is to do short meditations. When you’re new to it, it can feel silly to just sit on the ground by yourself for ten minutes. What do you even do for that long? I remember thinking to myself right before I started. Continue reading “In Tune”


How do we know what we want in life? What do we base our morals and standards and expectations off of?

In the past few months and even weeks, I have felt myself shift in my perspective of how others act towards me. We learn many of our attitudes from our parents and mentors while we are young, but we learn just as much from people around us who make mistakes and show us how not to be. Continue reading “Rethinking”

We can’t control the circumstances under which we meet people.

We all have the picture-perfect life planned out in our heads. The house, the city, the family, the job, the money… But we know it won’t happen exactly like this. So why do we bother having these impossible ideals?

Because it makes us feel better about our uncertain future. It makes us think we have some lingering bit of control over what will become of our existence. But the truth is, our lives are shaped by the people around us and how we interact with them. As much as we think we have power over how our lives turn out, it’s heavily influenced by those around us.

Sometimes it’s an inconvenient time in our life to meet somebody. Sometimes we are convinced that kind of person never would be a good match with our personality. We never know who could be the person to heal us, fix us, love us, warm us, so we have to be open and kind and accepting.

It doesn’t matter if a particular person isn’t what you’d expected, or hoped for, or imagined. What matters is they are here, now, and so are you. Either you have a relationship or you don’t. And that makes all the difference.

Reminders from Myself

Today, I received an email from myself. 6 months ago, I used a website called to write myself a good luck letter for college, and then I totally forgot about it. Reading through it just now made me really happy. I am confident that I’m making the right decision in my college journey. I know that I can achieve all of the hopes I had earlier this year, and I’m even better equipped now than I was 6 months ago. And I know I will come out the other side more mature, balanced, and knowledgable.

I’d like to share my letter to myself with you all. It gets a little cheesy, but it’s mostly good (hey, I wrote this at midnight!) and there are some bad grammar mistakes. But overall, it conveys a good message about life and being a genuine person. I don’t know how I had the foresight to do this for myself, but I’m glad I did.

Dear Becka,
You’re going to college this week. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Where I am, it’s still 6 months away. I can’t wait to walk on the beaches of Wilmington and meet my new roommates and friends and start my new life, but for me that’s still in the future. For you, it’s your life. I’m so excited 🙂

There’s one thing that’s really important for you to remember. You have to hold on to the things that you love about yourself. I want you to grow up and learn new things and meet new people and change your views, yes, but keep the good parts of yourself. There’s lots of room for improvement, but you’re pretty awesome already. Never think you’re above anyone else, ever. Not based on looks, “intelligence”, salary, or personality. It’s all relative. Please always love reading and writing like I do now. Even if your English major doesn’t work out. Don’t slack off. It’s not what I would do. Don’t be like everyone else. People will love you just how you are right now no matter how well-liked everyone else is. You’ll find your people; just give it time. Look at me. I’m a second semester senior and I’m just feeling comfortable with my friends for real. I want you to keep your wonderful stupidness and curiosity and want for knowledge and desire to achieve and do great things. I have big dreams and I want you to carry them out for me. I will not be around to see you, but I want to live on through you. I don’t want to die out.  Continue reading “Reminders from Myself”

3 Steps to Better Enjoy the Present

To kick off this blog, I’d like to share a quote that models my feelings lately:

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” -Lao Tzu

Often we find ourselves worrying about what’s to come–what does my future hold? Will my date like me? Or we worry about past interactions–what did she really mean by that comment? These thoughts and reflections can quickly spiral out of control into a full-blown, end-of-the-world situation if we’re not careful. But the truth is, overthinking and analyzing, often called ruminating, will get us nowhere in life. It won’t make us feel better (it will probably make us feel worse!) and it won’t change reality.

In fact, I am perhaps one of the worst offenders. I have a horrible tendency to blow things out of proportion. Once, I overthought a text that read “Yep that’s fine” and decided the person was mad at me. When I worked up the courage to ask them what was wrong, I discovered they were just super busy at work and I had stressed myself (and them) out for absolutely no reason.  Continue reading “3 Steps to Better Enjoy the Present”

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