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writing challenge

Day 7-Tattoos

What tattoos do you have, and do they have meaning to you?

I currently have one tattoo. It is almost a year old at this point. I dreamed the idea up for a full year before getting it. Many parts of my personality match up with the qualities of a deer, so I knew I wanted to incorporate this majestic animal. Continue reading “Day 7-Tattoos”


Day 6-Someone Who Fascinates You

When I grow up, I want to be Jennifer Garner. She is beautiful in a subtle way and has this air about her that makes me think she is smart. Just look at her.


Continue reading “Day 6-Someone Who Fascinates You”

Day 5–A Place You Would Live

What is a place you would live but have never visited?

I have always had a weird longing to live in a castle in the rolling hills of Ireland or Scotland. Continue reading “Day 5–A Place You Would Live”

Day 4–10 Interesting Things

Ten interesting things about me:

1.I have known for my whole life that I will someday write a book. The subject and genre have yet to be determined.

  1. My thumbs are not the same length. Continue reading “Day 4–10 Interesting Things”

Day 3–The Best Compliment

Today’s prompt: “What is the best compliment you’ve received?”

Someone told me recently that I have good leadership qualities and a strong drive. This comment was significant to me because I don’t consider myself to be a leader figure. I don’t enjoy speaking in front of lots of people, I don’t enjoy being in charge or telling people what to do, and I’m not skilled at mediating conflicts. Continue reading “Day 3–The Best Compliment”

Day 2–My Earliest Memory

I remember a plaid pink swimsuit. It was a one piece with ruffles on the stomach. I remember a sun hat, but I can’t picture what color it was. I remember a windy beach morning, padding across the sand on stubby toddler legs. I think it was California, but it could have been any stretch of sand on any coastline. I remember chasing a flock of birds, all black feathers and wings and beaks and claws. They swarmed upwards in great gusts as if some giant blew them from their perches. Continue reading “Day 2–My Earliest Memory”

30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 1

Hello! Once again, I’ve become super busy in a short amount of time after returning to school, and my writing is always the first to suffer when my free time dwindles 😦

I came across a 30 day writing challenge a few months ago and planned to try it for the new year beginning in January to reset my mind for the new year. Continue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 1”

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