I have been knitting up a storm since I’ve been home from college! It’s so wonderful because with all the craziness of school, I really haven’t found much time to knit. Even though I have a whole drawer devoted to yarn… :O

I knit almost every single Christmas gift I gave this year. Here are some of my proudest accomplishments in the past month!


This hat is for my grandpa, but looks great on both women and men


The purple fingerless gloves are from a pattern adapted from Lion Brand, as are the pink mittens and the tan hat. The laptop sleeve is entirely my own design–and it will be a one time project for sure! It is lined with foam and fabric and the whole thing is hand-stitched. The pillow is my design as well, although I did a lot of research for inspiration before starting. The backside has a diamond purl pattern that is not shown. I ran out of blue yarn at the very end and was forced to bind off with white, which I was very disappointed about. But it ended up looking intentional!

I’m so happy I had all this time to make more knittys. I have several more gifts waiting to be knit and sent out (whoops) and hopefully when I get back to school, I’ll retain my drive to make things so I can stock up! This is my most professional-looking batch ever, and I am proud.

Thanks for reading! What winter knits have you been working on?